I Like It A Latte: Raleigh's Ever Expanding Coffee Scene

Thursday, September 7, 2017

If you are looking to get your java on, here are a few awesome spots in Raleigh to help you start your day with a little pick me up! I linked to each of their web pages if you would like to know where they are all located and what roasters they use for their products. Raleigh really does coffee very well. Find out for yourself. And if you live locally, is there a place I left off that you think I should try? Let me know!

Jubala I got hooked on Jubala while visiting their original location in Lafayette Village. This is where I learned to love a Cortado (with a lot of sugar, mind you;) They now have a location closer to downtown off of Hillsborough St. If I go, I can't get out of there without also indulging in one of their amazing ham biscuits. 

Brew This is the home to my favorite cappuccino in town. It is always made perfectly and I tend to not need as much sugar with their version. The simple things that keep me happy. 

Sir Walter Coffee
This is a newer coffee shop in downtown and I love their space. It is one of the best places to grab a pick me up and enjoy a lazy afternoon. Plus, their caramel macchiato is amazing. Or at least their iced version is, I have yet to try it hot but I have hope. 

Cup A Joe is home to my favorite Iced Mocha.  It is almost dessert like and well, I like dessert. 

Slingshot Coffee is cold brew at its best. Or at least according to my husband. It is a little too strong for me in its natural state so I love to add it to vanilla ice cream and make a sling shot affagotta.  They also make a cascara tea and I love it! It is tantalizing for your taste buds. You can find their products at Whole Foods and Trader Joes along with a few other local spots. 

42nd & Lawrence is where I learned to love draft latte. It took me a bit but I am now a pretty big fan. I think the creamy foam is what captured me. I also love their lattes. They concoct a ton of unique drinks here, definitely give them a try if you are downtown. 

Benelux is the best place to go for a hot beverage accompanied by a waffle. They have the most amazing waffle selections and I usually go for caramel with ice cream. I mean, why not? Plus, their staff is always so friendly when I pop in!

Morning Times was one of the first in downtown Raleigh and this is when I tell you I have never tried one of their coffee drinks. Nope. Sorry but their hot chocolate is so damn good that I have never ordered another thing off their menu. I love it so much.  Maybe I should try a mocha so I can have the best of both worlds!

Liquid State is a cool spot near NC State. I'll be honest, I have never indulged in one of their coffee based brews, I have only had their hot tea and wine. However, I know people that really like it. 

Sola Coffee Cafe This is my favorite spot for a coffee milkshake and, like everyone else, their mini donuts. Yum! Plus, the I Believe in Raleigh mural on their back patio is an amazing photo op. Be sure to go on a Saturday when they showcase local artists and their goods at a pop up shop. 

Larry's Coffee is one of my husband's faves. Here is a link to their site to tell you where you can purchase the beans and who locally uses it for their coffee/espresso.

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