Kate Alexander: Raleigh Stylist

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Today it took me about 20 minutes to do my hair. For some people that may seem like a lot or it may seem like a short time. For me personally, it is about half an hour shaved off of my normal styling time, at least on morning that I wash my hair and don't pull of the pony tail trick. This is in large part to this lady! Meet the amazing stylist Kate Alexander!

 Kate has been doing hair for the past 14 years, her favorite part about doing hair is watching the transformation come to life and seeing how a hair style/color change can make such an impact on her clients.

I have extremely thick hair, apparently it is fine but there is a lot of it! While my hair is somewhat straight, it can be unruly and gets tangled rather easily and makes doing my hair in anything other than up, somewhat overwhelming. Enter the Brazilian Blowout. I had heard great things about this process but due to not having curly hair, I just assumed I was not a candidate. Wrong! A Brazilian Blowout can help to lessen tangles, rid your hair of frizz and make it more manageable

The whole process took about a little less than two hours and I was thrilled with the results. It has been about 3 weeks since I had my hair done and I have loved styling my hair. It has been easier and it seems so shiny and straight with hardly any work. No questions asked the best part for me has been the tangles...I barely have any when I do my hair. Will be getting this done again just for that!

If you are interested in a new stylist who has years of experience, is fabulous with cut and color; you must check out Kate! She will work with you to bring you the best style for you! I cannot recommend her enough. here are a few examples of her work. The first four are of my hair and it has left my hair that shiny, even when doing it myself! If you get a Brazilian Blowout it should last for about 12 weeks. And great news, if you schedule an apt in April, she is offering $100 off a Brazilian Blowout! You can't do better than that!

Here are a few more pictures from Kate's portfolio, you can tell what kind of work and attention to detail she pays to her clients. She truly does not just do a hair cut and color, she gives you a style that is best suited to your face structure and skin tone.  You can find Kate at the Geoffrey James Salon on Durant Rd. You can follow her along on Instagram at colorbykatevg or on her facebook page. She is also offering 20% off to new clients!

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